Voidex is available as an accessory that allows recessed fitting in the floor.

What is the Exceptor® Door Blocking System?

Exceptor® door security system makes it impossible for a potential intruder (burglar, home robber) to open the front or back door when this door has been put ajar by the occupant using Exceptor®.

Exceptor® door security system prevents uninvited intruders planning a home robbery (with all collateral psychological damage) from actually robbing unsuspecting residents.

Using the Exceptor® door security system is also an option that may be considered for inward opening terrace and patio doors.

Burglary Prevention

  • Prevents home robbery
  • Prevents intrusion
  • Protects your inward opening doors
  • Provides time gain to call for help (call 112)
  • For a safe and secure feeling in all situations
  • European patent granted and US patent pending
  • PIV and SKG certified

How does it work?

The police classifies a home robbery as one of the most radical forms of crime and sources of insecurity (source: Politie Keurmerk Veilig Wonen /PKVW and Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid/Center for Crime Prevention and Safety/CCV). Exceptor® door security system aims to increase the (feeling of) security for all types of residents (young families, seniors, singles) and to give them time to call the emergency number 112.

Everyday situation with a collector for charities

Home robbery


Pretext (chat trick)

A versatile system

Doorbell rings. Uncertainty about the intentions of the person outside.

Occupant presses the release button of the Exceptor® Door Blocking System with tip of shoe.

Pin comes up automatically.

Occupant opens the door blocked by Exceptor® Door Blocking System. Limited contact possible with person outside over the door left ajar. Assessment of the situation: leave the pin of Exceptor® Door Blocking System in upright position or press the pin down with shoe bottom.

Further applications

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